Writing tips – Preparing and Writing the First Draft


Today’s link list focusses on the preparation process of writing. Each number is linked to a blog post which will guide you to explore your topic, gather information, and organize your ideas during your writing process. These tips are relevant whether you are writing an essay, a report, a short story, or a chapter of your book. ¬†Bookmark them and refer to them from time to time. Best of success with your writing process.

  1. How do you respond to the urge to write?
  2. Questions to ask yourself before writing on a topic

  3. Five ways to explore topics you want to write about

  4. How to write the first draft of an essay, report, chapter, or blog post

  5. Ideas for introducing your blog post, article, essay, or story

  6. Ideas for writing your concluding paragraph

  7. Checklist for revising your paragraphs

Recommended Reading

Today’s recommended links offer tips and insights into the writing process.

  1. Seven literary devices and terms for creative writing

  2. Clues to Creating Magical Characters

  3. If you can spot logical fallacies in an argument, you have mind control in the bag.

  4. Anne Lamott and Muriel Rukeyser reveal reading and writing secrets

  5. Checklist for assessing your readers

  6. 103+ International Writers and Readers Festivals, Conferences, and Book Fairs to be Held in 2017